Thank you so much for the letter about the value of my car.  This will help me get a fair deal from the insurance company.

Here is a picture of my sweet little Subaru a couple days after the accident.  Last time I bought a new car I kept it for 17 years.  I was hoping to do the same with this one.

This little car gave her life for mine.  Both my passenger and I walked away from this accident.  We're stiff & sore, but no broken bones.  Given that it was a head on collision with a car sliding downhill on ice it's astonishing that anyone lived.  All that stuff about Subaru being safe - it's true.  I feel so good knowing that my car was in control the entire time, and that I had the very best safety features out there to protect my passenger.

Thank you to the Subaru engineers for figuring out how to do it right.  It worked.  It saved my life.

Your fan,
 ~ Pam Hardy