It seems everywhere you look in Oregon you see a Subaru. Is it because of Subaru's safety, quality, performance, or standard features?

When you think cool, quality, safety, and performance, our Subaru dealership in Oregon comes to mind. Oregonians are able to meet the challenges of wintery roads and tough terrain with Subaru's generous 8.7-inches of ground clearance and its symmetrical all-wheel drive. No worries when driving off-road, through snow covered roads and over snowbanks.


Why You Should Choose a Subaru Dealership in Oregon

Subaru, hands down is ahead of the game when it comes to safety elements. Subaru has an extensive list of awards. IntelliChoice's 2019 Lowest Ownership Cost, Kelley Blue Book's award for 5-year Lowest Cost to Own of all brands and Most Trusted Brand for 5 years running. Subaru is rated #1 in owner satisfaction by the American Customer Satisfaction Index.  Subaru was awarded 2019 IIHS Top Safety Pick +, Parents Magazine named Subaru Best Family Cars 2019. The list goes on.

Subaru's symmetrical all-wheel drive combined with its Boxer engine balances the amount of power continuously distributed to each wheel preventing slipping on any road condition. Subaru's Boxer engine's pistons move horizontally and sits at the center of the vehicle creating a balanced center of gravity. Drivers can expect balanced performance, continuous power, and fuel efficiency even under the most unfavorable weather and road conditions.

The Boxer engine's design and horizontal piston movement greatly reduce the amount of vibrations produced, creating a smooth quieter ride.

Oregonians are all about function and versatility. The Subaru is spacious, presents superior quality, and is built to Subaru's high standards. It is also the ideal vehicle the outdoorsy and adventurous.

There are just some features that are necessary in a vehicle, such as safety features, yet there are those wanted amenities that just make you smile. They bring convenience and a bit of luxury when you are behind the wheel. The touchscreen infotainment system, steering-wheel controls, heated/vented seats, and Bluetooth connectivity you could do without, but why would you want to.

Subaru Badge of Ownership is a special gift to buyers for choosing the Subaru dealership in Oregon. First you select a loyalty number (number of Subaru vehicles you've owned), add lifestyle icons (hobbies/personal interest-yoga, pets, sports, marathon, etc.), and then order and display your badge. In addition to the cool badges Subaru has oodles of safety elements, responsive handling, sophisticated engineering, and a suave sporty design, no wonder Subaru of Bend vehicles are popular in Oregon.

It is a well-known fact that Subaru vehicles are equipped to handle the wintery mix and anything else that comes its way. Oregonians favor the Subaru's Boxer engine, symmetrical all-wheel drive, and all-weather tires which are a necessity due to the fast-changing road and weather conditions in Oregon. The available X-MODE feature balances the distribution of force increasing traction and reducing slippage on icy and muddy roads. For those who are outdoorsy, environmentally conscious, and desire adventure, the wait is over! The Subaru dealership in Oregon has the Subaru for you!