Winter is Coming to Salem OR – is Your Car Prepared?

The Warden of the North tells us winter is coming to Salem OR. Winter driving presents many challenges, such as poor visibility and slippery roads. These poor conditions drastically increase the risk of accidents. Did you know it takes 10 times longer to stop on ice- and snow-covered roads? According to FHWA 2019, icy, slushy, or snowy pavement is responsible for 24% of vehicle crashes. Wintery weather is responsible for 116,000 injuries and over 1,300 deaths every winter, reported by Safe Winter Road, 2019. 

Stannis Baratheon’s army is marching to Salem. Avoid delays due to wintery weather. Winter is coming to Salem OR. Are you prepared? Visit Subaru of Bend near Salem OR for a winter maintenance appointment.


Your battery power can drop as the temperature decreases. Test your battery power to ensure it has a sufficient charge. Consider the age of your battery and possible replacement. Batteries seem to fail at the most inconvenient times.

Cooling System

Get a professional inspection on your vehicles cooling system. Subaru of Bend will inspect all components and flush out or refill fluids to properly level if necessary. Our service department will ensure your vehicle is ready for winter by checking all hoses, making sure you have the proper ratio of antifreeze to water in the radiator to avoid freezing, and more.


Be sure to you have winter tires with deeper and more flexible treads. If you choose to use all-season tires, make sure your treads are 2/32 of an inch. If not, they should be replaced. Check your tire pressure as well since tire pressure drops as the temperature decreases.

Wiper Blades

If you can’t see, driving safely will be a challenge! Test your windshield and rear wiper blades to be sure they are working properly and replace them if needed. Fill your windshield wiper reservoir with winter-grade fluid rated for at least 30? to avoid freezing. 

External Sensors and Camera

Dirt and debris can prevent sensors and cameras from working efficiently. Cleaning debris that has built up during the warmer months will allow assistive driving features such as auto-braking, lane keep assist, back up cameras, and sensors to work as intended. Our goal at Subaru of Bend is to deliver superior service as we guarantee your vehicle is prepared for the winter months. 

Emergency Kit

We also recommend keeping an emergency kit handy, so we made a list of items to get you started. Safety travels…

     1. Cell Phone
     2. Roadside Assistance Number
     3. Spare Tire/Tire Sealant
     4. First Aid Kit
     5. Water/Snacks
     6. Jumper Cables/Portable Jump Starter
     7. Flashlight
     8. Flares
     9. Blanket

Winter maintenance tasks can be overwhelming. Before the winds of winter sneak up on you, stop by Subaru of Bend and allow our service department to prepare your vehicle for the cold weather. Our service department will examine your vehicle’s battery, cooling system, tires, wiper blades, external sensors, and camera to ensure everything is ready for wintery roads. That’s what we do; we fix your Subaru and we know things. Winter is coming to Salem OR so schedule your appointment before it's too late. Subaru of Bend. Our name is Subaru of Bend.

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