Winter Tires

Are you debating on purchasing snow tires for this winter? Snow tires are designed for cold temperatures, not just for snow. In the United States about 97% of tires are “All Seasons,” which are not designed for winter driving. 

For the best priced winter tires near Eugene OR visit Subaru of Bend. Your Subaru will perform excellently in various temperatures and conditions. However, areas with regular accumulation of ice and snow will require winter tires. Winter tires spin and slide less on slippery surfaces. 

Just as you would perform better in the proper shoe for running or hiking, your Subaru will perform at its best if it has the proper tires. Subaru of Bend will meet or beat any tire price. We are a stud dealer, so I guess you can say we’re “studly.” Studded snow tires have metal pins inserted into their treads. This allows you to have rubber and steel meeting the road, providing better traction. If you live in a snowy area, we recommend “studly” snow tires. 

Summer Tires

Summer tires have shallow treads that limit wobble through hard turns. They are used on sports cars and have soft rubber and fewer grooves to maximizes contact with the road. In cold temperatures the rubber becomes hard. Since these tires have fewer grooves there is less space to squeeze out rain and snow. 
Summer tires produce more noise, wear out more quickly, and need to be replaced in spring and fall. 

All Season Tires

All season tires are the most common type of tire. They are low noise tires and last a relatively long time. These tires can be used year-round without the hassle of changing them. All season tires do not grip warm asphalt as well as a summer tire and do not grip snow or direct water as well as snow tires, but they eliminate the need to change tires throughout the year if you live in a warmer climate.

Snow Tires

Snow tires are also known as “winter tires.” They have narrow grooves that noticeably increase the amount control on icy roads. This type of tire performs better on ice and snow due to slits called sips. The sips act as thousands of biting edges on ice that help with acceleration, deceleration, and stopping. They squeeze out more rain and snow, reducing sliding on slippery surfaces for shorter braking distances. Snow tires typically produce more noise and may need to be swapped in spring and fall. Visit us at Subaru of Bend to purchase your “studly” winter tires for the best priced winter tires near Eugene OR.

Studded Tires

Studded snow tires have metal studs embedded into the treads. They are small pieces of metal designed to dig into the ice and snow, providing added traction. These tires can sometimes damage the roads due to their strong studs digging into pavement, so discuss your options with us to make sure you choose the best tire for your needs. 

For the best priced winter tires near Eugene OR and the most “studly” tires, visit Subaru of Bend. We offer studded tires to provide better traction on snowy roads and we will meet or beat any tire price. If you’re looking for the perfect new tires for your Subaru or just don't want to slide on the road, contact us at Subaru of Bend to learn about all the best tire options.

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