Adventuring in the Subaru Outback

If Subaru vehicles are known for one thing, besides their style, they are known for their adventurous spirit. And nothing says adventure quite like the Subaru Outback. Packed with the proper standard performance features like an all-wheel drive system and independent suspension with traction control, this iconic SUV was built to handle adventurous road trips, and we at Subaru of Bend are in the perfect place for that. In fact, there is a great road trip just outside of town.

According to, just outside of Bend lies the Cascade Lakes Loop. This road trip will take you, your Outback, and up to four of your friends on a tour of the Cascade Lakes that were formed out of volcanic and glacial activity. It takes you through LaPine State Page and passed Mt. Bachelor as well beginning and ending at US 97 towards Bend, OR. You'll see the Wickiup Reservoir, and the Crane Prairie Reservoir, as well as Elk Lake.

Now, this trip would be an amazing experience for anybody in any vehicle. But, there's something about a Subaru Outback that would make the trip that much better. So, come by the dealership and test drive it today to experience that difference for yourself. If you would like more information on the adventurous road trip potential in the Subaru Outback, please feel free to contact us directly here on our website.

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