The Subaru name stands out in our industry because we manufacture quality cars and vehicles that are up to the test of the elements. More than any other brand, people choose their first Subaru because they want a vehicle with all-wheel drive that is also efficient and provides the interior space they require for their day to day driving. Drivers then stay with Subaru because only one brand continues to provide safer vehicles with each passing year, and with an ever-furthering emphasis on efficiency.

You may not always remember that behind every starred badge are a lot of people that not only do their best to ensure your vehicle is as safe as possible, but also make a point to give back to the community, both locally and globally. If you like the green ideology, you may have already have looked at the XV Crosstrek Hybrid, but we are more green than just the one car, and now we are doing our part to clean up planet Earth with our Subaru Loves the Earth program.

For a limited time, we are collecting your old electronics to our Bend, OR store, and we will see to it that the batteries and materials used within our fancy gadgetry in the modern age are recycled responsibly. It can be hard to guess what is within an old laptop or cell phone, and now we will do all the guesswork for you. For a complete list of what you can bring in for recycling, check the event out here. Bring them in during the month of April and do your part to help clean up our act as a global and local community. We will be open during our normal business hours for donations.

Do you have questions about which materials we are not accepting? Make sure you check out the complete list of accepted e-waste before you come in to Subaru of Bend. Let's all work together to put our best foot forward.